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Curriculum Vitae
1963-1966 Exhibitions and projects in Montevideo
1963 Founder of Taller Montevideo, together with Armando Bergallo, Gorky Bollar, Clara Scremini
1966 Visit to The Netherlands invited by the Dutch Ministery of Cultur, together with Armando Bergallo, Gorky Bollar, Ernesto Vila

Gallery “Nouvelles Images” - The Hague

Gallery “El Bosco” - Madrid

Salon International Paris Sud - Paris
1967 Gallery “Jaques Henry Perrin” - Paris

Maison de l’Amerique Latine - Paris
1968 Midland Group Gallery, “Six Latin American Countries” - Nottingham - UK

Gallery of British Arts Council - Cambridge

Gallery of British Arts Council - New Port

Gallery of British Arts Council - Hull

Kinetic Mural 9 x 4 mtr. (public place) - London

Midland Group Gallery, “Mutation Phenomena I” – Nottingham - UK
1969 Midland Group Gallery, “Mutation Phenomena II” - Nottingham

“Cronus I”, Multimedia performance for the “contemporary Arts Society" of the Tate Gallery - London

“Cronus II” at the “Round Theater of the Philippe Faweet College" - London

“Cronus III” at “The Place Experimental Art Center" - Londen

6ème Biennale de Paris, “Cronus V” - Prize Groupe d’Artistes

"Cubes", Street Experience - London
1970 35th Biennale di Venezia

Ravinia Festival - Chicago, "Cronus VII" Multimedia performance

Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago, “From the museum to the street”

Casino Gallery - Chicago

100 Cubes in Central Park - New York City Cultural Department
1971 25th Edinburg Festival - Scotland, "Experience an environement"

Richard Demarco Gallery - Edinburgh

Experimental film for the Scottish television
1972 Film "Las Semillas de la Aurora" - script and co-direction

The film was awarded the following prices:
Second Prize at the “Rencontres Internationales Jeune Cinema de Cannes” (1972) France
Prize for the Best Documentary at the “Rencontres Internationales Jeune Cinema de Toulon” (1973)France

The film was selected for the following festivals:
International Festival of Mannheim - Germany - 1972
International Film Festival Nyon - Switzerland - 1972
Film International - Rotterdam - Netherlands - 1973
Film International - Antwerp - Belgium - 1973
Festival d'Avignon - France - 1973
XIV Festival Dei Populi - Florence - Italy - 1973
XI Festival International d'Art Contemporain de Royan - France - 1974
National Film Theater (N.F.T.) - London - 1974

The film was broadcasted by the Dutch and the Swedish television.
1976 - 1977 Stedelijk Museum (Museum of Modern Art) - Amsterdam, "Proposition 10" - Environemental Installation
1978 Founder of Taller Amsterdam together with Armando Bergallo

"Mama Grande" - Multimedia production, representing the Netherlands at:
World Theater Festival, "Theatre of Nations" - Caracas - Venezuela
Medellin - Colombia
Mexico City - Mexico

Modern Art Museum - The Hague - "Mama Grande"

Shaffy Theater - Amsterdam - "Mama Grande"

Tilburg City Theater - Netherlands - "Mama Grande"

De Lantaren Theater - Rotterdam - "Mama Grande"
1979 - 1980 "La Cite Transparante" - Multimedia Production
Centre Georges Pompidou - Paris
Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London
13e Rassegna Internazionale dei Teatri Stabili - Florence, representing the Netherlands

Gallery Krikhaar - Amsterdam
1981 15th BITEF Festival - Belgrade - "La Cite Transparante", representing the Netherlands

Bonnefanten Museum - Maastricht - Netherlands - "La Cite Transparante"
1983 "The Desert" - Music theater production at:
3e Biennale “Voix, Théâtre et Musique d’Aujourd’hui? - Paris
Festival d'Automne - Paris
Festival de Lille - Paris
Festival SIGMA - Bordeaux - France
Holland Festival - Netherlands
Manifestation Amsterdam-Berlin - Berlin
Maastricht City Theater

Prague Quadriennale - Prague - "La Cite transparante", representing The Netherlands -
Prize "New Theater Forms"
1984 Study for a "Mise en Scéne" for the manifestation: "Les Immeteriaux" at the Centre Georges Pompidou

1 Bienal de la Habana - Cuba
1985 "The Night of the Third day" Music-theater production, music by Ilse van de Kasteelen, Jan Bus, André Douw at:
Festival de Lille - France
Festival SIGMA - Bordeaux - France
Théâtre National de Créteil - France
Breda City theater - Netherlands
Eindhoven City theater - Netherlands
Theater Carré - Amsterdam
Rotterdam - City theater - Netherlands

Gallery 85 - Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, "Lady Macbeth" performance

Maison Descartes Gallery, "Le France au Pays Bas"
1987 Museum de Beyerd - Breda - Netherlands

Gallery "Het Generaalhuys" - Maastricht - Netherlands

"Progress Passion", Opera by Ilse van de Kasteelen, Jan Bus, Peter van der Esch. Libretto Hector Vilche and Armando Bergallo, at:
Het Muziek theater - Amsterdam
Breda City theater - Netherlands
Tilburg City theater - Netherlands
Den Bosch City theater - Netherlands
Eindhoven City theater - Netherlands
Utrecht City theater - Netherlands
Roozendaal City theater - Netherlands

Study for a Circus-opera "September Song" commisioned by "La Villette" - Paris
1988 Museum voor Volkenkunde, "Passing through Hector Vilche" - retrospective exhibition
1989 "Satyricon", Opera by Bruno Maderna at:
Het Muziek theater - Amsterdam
Groningen City theater - Netherlands

Gallery "De Oosterpoort" - Groningen - Netherlands
1990 Gallery Kunsthuis 13 - Velp - Netherlands
1991 Study for an Urban Opera: "Mémoire et Liberté" for "L'Arche de la Défense".
Commisioned by Etablissement Public pour l’Aménagement de la Défense - Paris

Opera by Ilse van de Kasteelen and Michael de Roo. Libretto Hector Vilche and Armando Bergallo
1992 Gallery Orcofi (ass. pour l'Opera, le Musique et les Arts) Paris
Exhibition: project Mémoire et Liberté

Study for an Open-Air Opera "The Ice-Break" by Michael Tippett, commisioned by the Cultural Department of the City St.Quentin-en-Yvelines - France

4th Music Theater Workshop - Munchen, "Dancer/Danger", representing the Netherlands

Museum of Modern Art of Arnhem, "Rijksoogst" Exhibition of sculptures of the Dutch National Collection
1993 "All the Way" - Music theater by Ilse van de Kasteelen, Libretto by Hector Vilche and Armando Bergallo at
Taller Lab
1994 "Los Heraldos" - Opera by Ilse van de Kasteelen. Libretto Hector Vilche, Armando Bergallo and Ilse van de Kasteelen at Amsterdam City theater

"Not I" - Chamber Opera by Heinz Holliger at Taller Lab

"Ja Zeggen" - Music theater by Ilse van de Kasteelen at Taller Lab

Museum Beelden aan Zee, Scheveningen - Netherlands. Exhibition "The Human Being as Centerpoint"
1995 "Intolerance" - Double Bill Music theater:
Litany of our Time by Ton de Leeuw
Weisse Rose, Opera by Udo Zimmermann at Amsterdam City theater

"Vestige" - Music theater by Ilse van de Kasteelen. Libretto by Hector Vilche at Taller Tab

Gallery Pulchri Studio - The Hague. Exhibition "The Humand Being and its surroundings"

"Jason Field" - Chamber Opera by David Horne at Taller Lab
1996 "Greek" - Opera by Mark-Anthony Turnage. Libretto by Steven Berkoff at Amsterdam City theater

"Immobile Eden" - Music theater by Rudi van Dijk at Taller Lab
1997 "De Steek van een Schorpioen" - Opera by Ilse van de Kasteelen
Libretto by Ilse van de Kasteelen at Amsterdam City Theater.

Gallery Zagraphia - Bordeaux - France
1998 Gallery "Le Tour de Paris" - Villeneuve sur Lot - France
1999 Het Atrium The Hague - Exhibition
2000 "Maria de Buenos Aires" - Tango Opera by Astor Piazzolla. Libretto by Horacio Ferrer.
Commissioned by The Municipality of The Hague for the "Millennium Commemoration"
at the Atrium - The Hague.

Gallery Créasud - Bordeaux - France
2003 Gallery Artana - The Hague
2006 The Gallery Donkersloot - Amsterdam

Exhibition "Triple Fusion" together with Gorki Bollar and Phan Phan Kahn

Gallery Klas Vijf - Velp - Netherlands